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In June 2015, at the annual general meeting of Sawmilling South Africa, Kὒsel Sawmill received the “ Improved Productivity” award.

This award covers a period of five years and is competed for by the top ten most profitable mills in the country.

It is an outstanding achievement of which we are very proud  and is the second time in ten years that Kὒsel Sawmill has won the award.

“Big changes happening at our sawmill”

The sawmill is undergoing a multimillion rand expansion program. The expansion includes

  • The installation of a 20 ton boiler
  • The installation of an additional 4 stack TFD kiln
  • The installation of a new Multisaw small log line.
  • The expansion of the current log yard.
  • Changes to the dry mill to accommodate the increased production.
  • Extension of the dry mill sheds for additional storage and undercover loading.

Once the expansion has been completed the mill will increase its round log throughput to three hundred cubic metres per day.